Last updated: Feb 14, 2024

I’m an experienced Founder, Product & Tech operator. Innovation has been the common thread across my career, building several 0-to-1 products, APIs, and businesses for consumers, enterprises and developers.

Location - San Francisco Bay Area

Contact: or reach out via LinkedIn

Product & Tech @ Avail

2022 - 2023

First Product hire

  • Launched Avail - AI Co-pilot for Hollywood
    • Helped the founders build marketplace business around comic creators, and a Natural Language based Search and discovery tool for Hollywood executives and creators centered around IP.

Product @ Google

2015 - 2021

Product @ GMail

  • Led multiple engineering teams to help GMail pivot to Google Workspace - a productivity platform for the future of work supporting over XXX million daily users.
  • Managed GMail’s xBn/yr consumer monetization business across storage and ads.

Product @ Android

Led Android engineering teams building location & context features and APIs using sensors like GPS, Gyro, etc. for over 3B active devices.

  • Co-founded the Personal Safety app for Android piloting on Pixel(10mn+ users) establishing standards for the Android eco-system. // Hero feature showcase.

  • Launched and helped scale Fast Pair (seamless h/w pairing) for Android & partners resulting in 130mn+ device activations of 300+ Bluetooth enabled devices on Android devices.

Product @ Google Search

  • Launched several one-box search features for local information, search-quality improvements, and monetization initiatives on Search & Assistant. Brought Holiday Hours information to Google Search and Maps responsible for reducing driving on Holidays by XX bn miles.

Founder & CEO @ muHive

2011 - 2014

muHive was a ML-powered Social CRM that helped over 50+ brands manage their customer voice on all forms of unstructured data. muHive was bootstrapped, later angel-funded, and part of the Target 🎯 accelerator program

Research intern @ Microsoft Research

2008 - 2009

Two graduate school internships at Microsoft Research in the Advanced development and prototyping team working on multiple research products in the area of Search & Collaboration.


Masters in CS from IIIT-Bangalore (2009)

  • Multi-agent modeling & theory - Evolutionary game theory, mechanism design, machine autonomy & ethics(early alignment work) &
  • Web Information Retrieval - focus on semantics extraction, algorithms & strategies for NLP & Text mining (text ML) under Prof S Srinivasa.
  • Economic and social impact of technology - an interdisciplinary course that included readings from the fields of ICT research, developmental economics, policy, technology, law, and sociology under Prof B Parthasarathy
  • Advanced Algorithms - Algorithms for distributed computing, and massively parallel data processing under Prof GNS Prasanna

Bachelors in CS

Majored in “Symbolic Systems” & Software Engineering - finite automata, context free grammars, compilers, graph theory, & distributed computing.