I’m an Indian classical trained singer, guitarist, and producer. Here are some of my music projects:


Newsletter with recommendations for short and long-form classical music from India. If I know, I write about the history of the Raag(mood), composition, meter, etc. You can read my pitch for this which also includes my music resume.


My understanding of music theory is grounded in Indian music theory but I know enough about western music to bring together both in my unique way. Miyakisynth is an experimental classical music project. I mix rock styled guitars, synthesizers (machine generated music) and classical vocals to create a unique sound that’s my own.

“Miya ki” is an homage to Miya Tansen, court musician and confidant to the Mughal emperor Akbar from 1500 AD. He was a great singer and an even better composer. His melodic templates (raags) and compositions are sung every day in India, a half millennium later.

Available on Spotify, Youtube,Instagram, and other channels.


Sangeethaamsha is a 501(c)() non-profit based in the San Francisco Bay area to help promote and popularize Classical music from India and other South Asian countries. Originally started by a friend as a way to support artists in India during the pandemic, the group has organized over 30 concerts, and showcased over 75 artists worldwide. You can read more on the website sangeethaamsha.com

Peak musicality 2019

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