Picture of lake moraine in Cananda

Prateeksha and I visited Canada a couple of months back to spend time with Nikhil and Swathi. We landed in Calgary and proceeded to visit the Banff and Jasper National park areas over the next 4 days.

The Canadian Rockies area is beautiful to say the least. It’s an area filled with lots of mountains, valleys and glacial lakes. The mountains are a work of art themselves with layers of sedimentary rocks, each with it’s own color with glacial striations across its face. Very little plant life grows on this rocks, so the mountains are mostly bare with the tree line starting at the bottom of these giants.

The lakes themselves are the star attractions of this place. The abundance of minerals makes these lakes shine in a turquoise blue during the day. The mountains together with these lakes make for great vistas and an almost surreal scenery.

Given that it’s a short flight away from the west coast of the US, this place that we will definitely visit again.