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What a year!

2020 - a year that will live in infamy for generations. In the US, everything that could go wrong, did. I was one of the fortunate ones who still had a job that paid well (#) and nothing really worsened in my life outside of social parts of my life.

Prateeksha and I adopted Chikki and Oreo - two kittens from two different neighborhood stray litters. They’ve brought emotional highs and lows in an otherwise lonely and isolated existence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and meeting 30+ participants as part of the first cohort of my open feedback sessions. Some thoughts and analysis on that later.

A surprising side-effect of no commute meant that I got some additional reading time (more later). Starting in March, I stopped listening to podcasts, but have started to find time for it recently. In line with the industry.

Things are looking up. A few vaccines are showing promise. Winter will be spent hunkered down, but I’m hoping that by Summer, we can get our act together as a global society and survive this pandemic.

composite of Chikki and Oreo

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